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*RE-POST: Stoner Girls Guide

Stoner Girls Love These Dudes Called Philly Moves (original post)

© Brian Batista Bettencourt

Check out an excerpt of our interview below:

Onya Ganja: If a five-year-old asked you what you do for a living, what would you say?

Tragic: “Stay in school kid or you’re going to wind up like me” and then I’d take out my false teeth and show him all my scars.

Rockwell: Make noise.

OG: If a five-year-old asked you to describe your music, what would you say?

Tragic: “Introspective, sometimes lugubrious, moody rap-poems with earthy, leather notes and a hint of blackcurrant.”

Rockwell: Talking fast about stuff we love and hate.

OG: Would you suggest the same five-year-old follow a path similar to yours?

Tragic: See question #1.

Rockwell: I would suggest it if it was something the little squirt had fun doing.

OG: What do you miss most about Ottawa?

Tragic: Proximity to family and old friends and the familiarity with both the arts scene and the geography of the area. It’s home so it has all the comfort and unspoken benefits that home brings you. That and I know homegirls there who’ll hold me down me with minimal questions asked.

Rockwell: Shawarma King on Bank and James. There is a Philly Moves article on the wall in there. They had a half page article about them in the Citizen and we had the other half. They didn’t cut it out. The platter is like 10lbs of food. Go now.

OG: Do you remember the moment you realized you were in love with hip hop?

Tragic: When I first heard ‘God Loves Ugly’ by Atmosphere. It really opened my eyes to what ‘rap’ and ‘hip-hop’ could be and provided the first spark of an inspirational fire that burns to this day.

Rockwell: When Tottally Krossed Out came out.

OG: Hip hop that you worship? Old school and new.

Tragic: Atmosphere always, Method Man has always been a favourite as well. I been fucking with the whole Wu-Tang clan forever, Biggie, Nas. As for new, big fan of Shad and SonReal on the Canadian tip and I like what Chance the Rapper and Action Bronson are doing on the non Canadian tip.

Rockwell: Beastie Boys. Drake.

OG: Who would you love to collaborate with one day?

Tragic: I’d love to get in the studio with somebody totally non-hip-hop like Butch Walker or Jack White, see what happens.

Rockwell: Butch Walker

OG: Is there a song in this world that always lifts you up?

Tragic: Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

Rockwell: Shoulder to the Wheel by Saves The Day 

OG: Do you have some favourite strains of marijuana? Or strains that are good for writing music?

Tragic: I’m just a straight consumer, I’ll be honest. I don’t know fuck all about strains or positives and negatives of which types of weed. I just smoke the shit and eat the shit and if it’s good I get higher than if it’s bad. I was going to do a bunch of google research and lie my way through this question to look cool but that seemed stupid and seems even stupider now that I’m typing it out.

Rockwell: My fave is Rockstar.

OG: What stoner stereotypes do you fully embrace? Are there any that you find offensive or untrue?

Tragic: I embrace the stereotype of the chilled-out laid-back stoner dude but find it upsetting that people think you have to be lazy and unmotivated to be laid-back and chill.

Rockwell: I like to think I don’t get the munchies… but I do.

OG: Can you tell me a little bit about the craziest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth? And would you eat it again? (Open to interpretation.)

Tragic: Liquid GHB and ya.

Rockwell: Raw Baby Octopus… and no.

OG: Where is your favourite spot to smoke pot?

Tragic: In my buddy Kyle’s backyard on an adirondack chair next to the river.

Rockwell: At my studio.

OG: Favourite things about Stoner Girls?

Tragic: Stoner girls always have pot

Rockwell: Hopefully they’re holding.

OG: How many cats do you think are too many for one woman to own?

Tragic: Only the woman can answer that question and she’ll know how many is too many. she’ll power through that number and keep getting more but, she’ll know.

Rockwell: My fiancé and I have two rad cats. That’s all I need tho.

OG: Who are the cats on your Instagram? Tell me everything there is to know about them.

Tragic: They are both Jonny’s cats, Maury and Alaska (so named for her brilliant black coat.)

Rockwell: Alaska is the tiny black one.  She is a runt and my favorite being ever.  Morrie is the fat light brown one.  He is pretty adorable I guess. He always knocks shit over and really pisses me off too… that and he takes man-sized shits.

OG: Do you stroke your beard when you think too hard?

Tragic: I have a nasty habit of stroking my beard, whether I’m thinking or not. I also tend to pluck out my beard hairs when I’m just chilling or thinking, which is kind of bizarre.

Rockwell: I wish.

OG: How gay are you? On a scale of 1-100. So, how many dudes do you sleep with for every 100 women? Basically.

Tragic: Well, if you put it that way, I’m not gay at all in that I’ve never sexed a man. But, I’m pretty in tune with my femininity and comfortable enough with myself to do shit that straight guys might call ‘gay’ on the regular. Plus, I can appreciate a hot guy.

Rockwell: That’s a loaded question.

OG: Do you think Jesus might have been a bisexual?

Tragic: I don’t care to speculate either way, that’s like asking if I think king tut liked tigers. It was thousands of years ago and he may not have even existed.

OG: Do you have advice for girls looking to break into any creative field?

Tragic: Unless you’re trying to be a model, don’t sell sexiness until you’ve already made it.

OG: Unrelated — Have you ever watched Japanese Eel Pornography before?

Tragic: Never but it’s on my bucket list.

Rockwell: Surprisingly… Yes. Eel Soup was a popular video when we were young. Way before YouTube. That shit was just passed around. A woman funneled live eels into her butt then shot them out.

OG: Can you comment on a few women you look up to?

Tragic: The women in my family as cliche as that is, my moms, my nana and my aunts but also the mothers and grandmothers of my close friends who’ve always treated me well and been beacons of strength and love. Almost every woman I’ve got to know intimately, both romantically and platonically I respect and look up to for some reason or another.

Rockwell: All the women in my life are amazing people. Each one of them have dealt with struggles with utmost bravery and strength. My mother, grandmother, sister and fiancé. They are the 4 most amazing woman I know.

OG: What are your favourite things about springtime in Canada?

Tragic: Springtime always reminds me of school winding down so I get that warm sentimental feeling in my gut when I see the sunshine and melting snow puddles. The weather is obviously the best part, winter fucking sucks, especially the last couple months of it so when we start to round that corner, it’s heavenly. Also, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that girls starting to break out the smaller clothes doesn’t improve my mood, so ya, getting to see some arms and legs is a bonus.

Rockwell: The smell of a winter’s worth of dog poo thawing out in the sun.

OG: What’s next for Philly Moves?

Tragic: We’ve been working on a brand new full-length project called OLGA for the past 9 months. It’s our first sample free project and our first album we’ve really sweat and frought over. We wrote and recorded almost 30 songs and whittled it down to ten, re-recorded them and have been tweaking them for the past couple months. It’s our most ambitious project sonically and by far the one we’ve worked the hardest on. It will be dropping in the summer of 2014. We’ve also been working on new visuals to release in advance of the release and will be dropping the first of those late this spring.

Rockwell: OLGA.  Our new album coming this summer!

OG: How do your Moms feel about hip hop?

Tragic: My moms is pretty cool, she was pumping Tone Loc and Run DMC when I was growing up, so she knows what time it is. It’s definitely not her preferred genre these days but she supports what I do and seems to legitimately like the music we make.

Rockwell: She has always supported me in everything I do. Including this rap stuff.

© Andrew Sztein

Well, there you have it everyone. Moms can support hip hop.

Thanks for your time boys and thank you for making beautiful music!

Never stop.

For the love of fucking gawd. I need you. Hip hop needs you.

Everyone else — be sure to watch out for Philly Moves’ concerts and their new album this summer!

Toke it easy,


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